How to explain it through the story

In September “Data Story” from Nancy Duarte became available for pre-order. Data storytelling book from the guru of slides and presentations!!!

I couldn’t wait.

In December it arrived to me from Amazon. New. With the paper smell of the unread pages. I jumped right into it.

Pie charts are evil! – avoid any charts with food in the name

Usually at my “Storytelling with Business Data” workshops audience splits into pie-chart-lovers (hopefully minority) and pie-chart-haters (hopefully majority). But it is hard to find a single person in the audience, who has never created a pie chart.

Pie chart is probably one of the most overused charts in data visualization history.

Why managers do not understand charts

I was meeting my friend and mentee Jan for a beer.

He was late.

I was worried.

Today he had his first presentation to management after he joined FP&A department in XXX corporation.