The Five Data Storytelling Mistakes

In this article, I’ll spill the beans on the most common data storytelling mistakes made by business professionals and help you steer clear of them.

Why FP&A shouldn’t push digitalization too fast

If you are about to embark on a digitalization journey, do not forget to take your employees with you. This short article explains how FP&A can help organizations avoid the three-to-five-year gap between the technology adoption level and the mindset of employees.

How we manipulate data without even knowing

Even if you are keen to base your decision on solid data, or at least google results, you are most likely to make this mistake.
Our usual habit is to develop a quick opinion about something and then consciously search for the information, that supports our opinion.

How to explain it through the story

In September “Data Story” from Nancy Duarte became available for pre-order. Data storytelling book from the guru of slides and presentations!!!

I couldn’t wait.

In December it arrived to me from Amazon. New. With the paper smell of the unread pages. I jumped right into it.

Pie charts are evil! – avoid any charts with food in the name

Usually at my “Storytelling with Business Data” workshops audience splits into pie-chart-lovers (hopefully minority) and pie-chart-haters (hopefully majority). But it is hard to find a single person in the audience, who has never created a pie chart.

Pie chart is probably one of the most overused charts in data visualization history.