Public Speaking for Management

How to create and structure your business or non-business speech? How to deliver it confidently in an inspiring way? ...

Storytelling in Dashboards

How to create a dashboard that ignites action and how to tell a story of the real-time data you haven't seen yet? ...

Storytelling in Power BI

How to design a dashboard that ignites action and tells the story of your data and implement it in Power BI?... ...

Storytelling with Business Data

How to apply storytelling principles to your business visualizations. How to shift from just showing the data to visual storytelling! ...

Slides Creation Step-by-step

How to build slides that reinforce your words, not just repeat them? How to bring emotions to your business presentations? ...

Data-driven Decision Making

How can you foster a data-driven culture in your organization? How to shift the collective mindset of your people to embrace data? ...

about me

Hi! I'm Olga.

Finance professional, data skills trainer, dashboard design consultant

I was creating bad charts for over ten years of my corporate career in finance and business analysis, before I learned how to combine principles of storytelling and cognitive psychology to create visuals which facilitate data-driven decision making in the organization.

I was presenting financial results in front of CE leadership of Retail and FMCG companies and in front of hundreds of employees successfully putting them to sleep, before I learned how to create memorable slides, which reinforce my messages and transfer more, than just information.

I was delivering my first speeches in the public speaking club with my heart jumping and knees trembling, before I became the president of the club and won inspirational speech contest first in my club, then in the area and finally got to represent Czech Republic at the European level.

Public speaking, storytelling, data visualization, slides creation are skills.
They can be learned.
I’m very lucky to teach them.

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How we manipulate data without even knowing

How we manipulate data without even knowing

Even if you are keen to base your decision on solid data, or at least google results, you are most likely to make this mistake. ...
How to explain it through the story

How to explain it through the story

In September “Data Story” from Nancy Duarte became available for pre-order. Data storytelling book from the guru of slides and ...
Pie charts are evil! – avoid any charts with food in the name

Pie charts are evil! – avoid any charts with food in the name

Usually at my “Storytelling with Business Data” workshops audience splits into pie-chart-lovers (hopefully minority) and ...