Full day workshop: Storytelling in Power BI

Teach your dashboards to tell stories

Olga Rudakova and Martin Haman

Why do many companies invest in data warehouses, data models, and business intelligence tools just to copy their old reports into them?

Readily available real-time data requires a paradigm shift. If we want to think differently, our management reports must look different. At the workshop, you will learn how to create a dashboard in Power BI that ignites action and tells the story of your data.


November, 23rd


10:00 - 17:00 (CET)


9 900 CZK + VAT

group discount:

20% for two and more participants


Impact Hub Praha D10


Drtinova 10, 150 00 Smíchov



Dashboard design (4 hours)

In the first part of the workshop, you will learn how to design a dashboard that not only shows data but ignites action and tells the story of your data. You will be part of a creative team. You will practice the design of dashboards from the initial interview with the user to the prototype.

  1. Why we need dashboards and how they should serve us: definition and purpose of the dashboard.
  2. Design thinking method for dashboard design.
    2.1. Empathize: talk to users and understand their problems and needs
    2.2. Define: decide which dashboard to create and what problems it will solve
    2.3. Ideate: select the key elements of your dashboard
      2.3.1. Core and related KPIs
      2.3.2. Business context and Business drivers
      2.3.3. Level of detail and timeline
      2.3.4. Breakdowns and filters
    2.4. Prototype: Sketch your dashboard and tell a data story
      2.4.1. Data and non-data pixels
      2.4.2. Why everything should fit on one screen
      2.4.3. The most effective types of visuals for dashboards
      2.4.4. How to properly position and align dashboard elements
      2.4.5. How to use colors
    2.5. Test: monitor user response and edit the dashboard
      2.5.1. How to test content understanding
      2.5.2. How to test the quality of visual elements
  3. Tips and tricks
  4. Discussion

Dashboard implementation (4 hours)

In the second part of the workshop, you will practice the implementation of the dashboard in Power BI Desktop. Your sketch from the first part will come to life and run on real data. We will practice everything from connecting data to beautiful visuals and colors.

  1. Example of the result we are aiming for in Power BI
  2. Introduction to Power BI environment
  3. Introduction to data in Excel / CSV etc.
  4. Connection, modification and cleaning of data
  5. Creation of visuals (types of visuals, page and visual size, location, etc.)
    9.1. Slicer
    9.2. KPI cards (examples of different options)
    9.3. Sparkline vs. line chart
    9.4. Bullet graph vs. bar chart
    9.5. Band chart as an alternative to breakdowns
    9.6. Column chart, funnel chart and more.
  6. Visuals finetuning
    10.1. Graphics (colors, font style, font size, axis labels, title, etc.)
    10.2. Number a date formats, etc.
  7. Corporate identity in Power BI
  8. Visual separation of tiles on the dashboard
    12.1. Lines and frames
    12.2. Distance between visuals and alignment
    12.3. Text field
    12.4. Pictures
  9. Recommended tips and tricks
  10. Discussion